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Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions!

Never Say Final with Weather

Hah! Well the one thing we can’t control is weather, so with a new peak bloom prediction of April 8-12, these sessions are pending some warmer temps. We can be flexible!

Final Update March 13

Mini sessions are ON for March 25! We’ll have more blooms and avoid big events planned downtown that will crowd the area. We will still need to be creative with the crowds visiting that day, but the early start should help with that. Just 3 slots left!

Update March 12

Hi everyone! The National Park Service has pushed back their “peak bloom” prediction to March 27-31 due to unseasonably cool temperatures. I will make an announcement about the cherry bloom mini sessions within 24 hours for rescheduling – thank you for staying patient!

The National Park Service recently re-released their “peak bloom” prediction for Washington, DC: March 27-31. With my schedule and Easter, I am setting up Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions on March 25! Get your lover or your family and join me for a 20-minute session in DC with these beautiful trees in the background.
Blooms on a cherry tree

What’s in a Mini Session?

Mini sessions are shorter and faster times to get in on a unique opportunity (like the cherry blossoms) at a discount. I set aside several time slots: you can reserve one now, and we’ll have twenty or so minutes to snap as many gorgeous shots as we can. I’ll even send over a Style Guide ahead of time so all of you are ready for the camera. Then, once you’re there, I walk you through posing. Just bring yourselves! – and a snack for the little ones.

Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions

Early on March 25, 2018, I will set up in DC by a cherry blossom tree(s). There are currently four slots to get that early light, so book yours now! You get:

  • 20 minutes of posing time
  • Style Guide
  • Choice of 6 digital images from online gallery

Available time slots:
8:00am – BOOKED
8:30am – BOOKED
9:30am – BOOKED

Yes, they’re early: this is the best pre-tourist time to get beautiful light. Plan brunch for after the session!


All this for $100. Contact me and reserve your Cherry Blossom Mini slot today! Upon payment, and closer to the date, I’ll email you the exact location.

  1. Hi,

    We are traveling to DC March 16-20 and would love to get a mini session on the 17th if you can still do that date. I know the “peak blooms” won’t be during that time, but we can’t stay until the 25th. We are a family of 4 and will be traveling with another family of 3 that is also interested in a mini session. Can you work us in early that morning for a session?



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