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Cherry Blossom Mini Portraits

At last we nailed down a date for the Cherry Blossom Minis! 2018 has been one of the most unpredictable years to predict “peak bloom” for the cherry blossom at the Tidal Basin, but wow was it worth the wait! The day opened a perfect gray for those diffused outdoor shots. It was cold, but not snowy or even rainy. The cherry trees were all blooming so brightly around the Memorials. What a morning!

Beth and Iain arrived with Brigid, Aidan, and Oliver in tow. I have known them for years, so it was a pleasure to do this session for them. Beth was in fact my inspiration for setting up these mini sessions, so kudos to her!

We captured some fabulous family shots with the white blooms in the background, and were able to include their cousin later on, who was visiting DC for a few days. Great timing with the peak blooms happening!
Cherry blossoms behind family of five with two parents holding infant, young girl up on Dad's hip, and young boy wrapped around Mom's legs
Brigid was a bit skeptical of this whole thing, but she agreed to stand with Aidan for a super sweet twin shot, coordinated jackets and all.
Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial with Aidan looking at the camera head-on and Brigid turned to the side

Next, Karen and Joe came with adorable Carmen. Karen was in charge of outfits and everyone matched with perfect spring colors.
Backdrop of cherry blossoms, Karen on left and Joe on right holding Carmen who has a bow in her head

I loved getting some Mom and kids and Dad and kids for both families.
Left: Iain holding Oliver in his right hand with Aidan laughing in his left; Right: Karen smiling down holding Carmen with cherry blossoms surrounding

And we had just enough time with Karen and Joe to do some dreamy couple portraits.
Karen and Joe facing each other with foreheads together, Karen's hand on Joe's chest, taking a moment of calm with cherry blossoms surrounding
Time flies in these minis! I am so grateful to these families who braved the cold and were so flexible as we watched peak bloom (not to mention weather) predictions. I hope you all had as good a time as I did!

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